Dachstein Valentine's Videogame play

February 14th 2018

Sorry for not updating this site for such a long time! Been busy working on other projects and kept updating at least my Hipstagram and Duckfacebook pages.
We are in the middle of an epi(demi)c (epidemical epic) Winter and the conditions could not have been better! Perfect snow base almost everywhere with regular wisely-dosed dumps is all we could dream of!
Such conditions allow for amazing shred days when planned well! One of those days was also Monday, 5th February. Did not have time to make an edit, but posted one of my lines was at Blue Tomato's instagram.
And then, just a few days later, picture-perfect conditions once again! The best way to celebrate Valentine's day, really! Then pizza with my girlfriend was a cherry on a cake! After watching the footage later she has told me it looks like a videogame. Damn she was right! :)

[backlog] Dachstein to Gosau cruising

February 11th 2015

These days we live for. One of the most beautiful tours in Dachstein mountain range. Wanted to do the run from Dachstein Peak to Gosau again this season. Stoked the two NAC’s shredheads were motivated to join me on this full day journey. Epic panoramas all the way while cruising over 3 glaciers (Schladminger Gletscher, Halstätter Gletscher, Gosau Gletscher) and ascending the highest peak of Styria – Der Dachstein (2995m). Incredible vast untouched area just for the 3 of us. With only 400m of vertical gain, the complete riding descent was almost 2000 vertical meters. The overall distance travelled (touring, climbing, riding) was 17km. There were a few “firsts” on this trip. It was Philip’s first time splitboarding and Spitz is skiing most of the Winter. Both of them also ascended Dachstein for their first time – so huge props to them! As for me, I have never been guiding on this tour and never had first line here. As navigating in this area is quite tricky, especially in the lower part, it was very careful and responsible riding on my side. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it big time! Tough to describe the impressions in words, it was just another one of those 110% perfect snowboarding days up on the glacier! We were a well-balanced group and each of us had sufficient skills to do it. Just watch the vid to get an idea! The edit ends at the point from where we still had about 2 hours to splitboard our way to Gosau.

This much

April 7th 2015

There was some dump in our area, this is about how much we got.

Cruzin around Torstein

March 21st 2015

What do you do if there are no freshies anywhere close? You hit the glacier with friends for some easy cruising while enjoying the Mountainscape!

Friday 13th powday morning on Dachstein

March 13th 2015

We were lucky. Again. Excelent conditions - the weather, the snow, the vibes. All first lines of course, no stress. Easy riding, enjoying the flow. Just typical for Friday 13th. Also Christoph got a great light and took some amazing pictures (check out his FB page btw.). At first we went for Edelgrieß for starters, because it's the sunniest face and we wanted to keep it safe. Then we had 2 more great runs at the Schwadrinn and that was about it for the day. Well, more than enough. We finished around noon and it was already getting too hot. Yet many freeriders continued in our lines even at this later time - not very smart. I have to note that even though you can get some epic runs here, you should never follow other's lines unless you really know the face, it's risks and exaclty what's going on.

The Shortcut Ep. IV - Schwadrinn scho wieda

November 21st 2014

Even though the Gonzalo's artwork is basically gone, the south brought us some pleasure a few days back. The snowfall was not exceptional so I thought freeriding is gone for me for a few weeks. Then after shredding the park on Dachstein I checked out my favorite face again. It looked very inviting, even though I knew I will have to hike the other half of the run. But why should a hike in such breathtaking scenery be a drawback?? So the next day I went for it again. It's tough to describe the unbelievable experience, but it was one of those incredible fun ride and hike days. Ecstatic? Maybe even more than that. This is my drug that fills me in. At the end of the day I felt really grateful for having a chance to experience this awesomeness.

UPDATE: My edit from this day won a GoPro video of the day award, and received over 50 000 views!

A quick visit to Dachstein - O'Neill Pleasure Jam 2014

November 15th 2014

I love snowboarding! No matter if it's just cruising around on the track, slashing pow, dropping cliffs, splitboarding or riding the park! Love it all! This weekend the annual Pleasure Jam took place on Dachstein Glacier, so I went to check out some insane pro park shredders and took a few snaps during men's finals. Hope you like some of 'em!
Read more about the event at Pleasure Jam's web.

The Shortcut Ep. III - Dachstein Halloween Dose

October 31st 2014

As soon as I saw the reports of what Mr. Gonzalo is bringing over to our mountains, I knew it’s gonna be massive. Yet still, I was surprised by the snowfall amounts when it happened! After a few splitboarding tours in Obertauern and Zauchensee and one full powder day on Planai, I picked Dachstein as my next target, the well-known Schwadrinn, to be precise.

The temps were rising and dropping over these days, and I wanted to drop in when it’s neither too warm nor too cold. However, freezing temps overnight were a must. By riding the couloir a few times in the summer (on 1st July the last time) I learned what to expect from the face during other than wintery conditions.

So I decided to hit it on Friday 31st. Because it was already one week since it dumped, I thought someone has already made a line in there, or at least shoveled the regular, easy route to the entry. Well none of that happened, so I had to take a detour and enjoyed nice views at the glacier and the snowpark.

On the top, everything looked fine, even though getting to the couloir’s entry was a bit sketchy due to frozen snow layer, just as expected. The couloir itself had some sweet Halloween treats hidden within - nice powdery layer easy to ride. The overall feel of the snowpack’s stability was pretty good.

Continuing onto the mid-section which was perfectly covered with snow, still pretty good to ride, and most importantly, nearly no sharks! Followed by a few short hikes and traverses, the lower part was surprisingly pretty fun with still decent amounts of snow! I had to watch out where I’m going, but I was glad that there were hardly any new scratches on my board in the end.

Overall the run was phenomenal. No other lines, total privacy on the face with the typical atmosphere of freedom. One of those runs to be remembered. Too bad none of my friends joined, they missed a lot. Hopefully next time! ;)

If you would like to check out short edit from this run, go ahead to Vimeo or YouTube. Some pix are below.

Garden of Stones

July 1st 2014

Exactly one year ago, July 1st 2013, the snow conditions were so good, that I though I could try to shred Schwadrinn couloir at Dachstein. It has been snowing the previous days and it seemed doable. Temps and winds were on the positive side too. It turned out to be a pretty good run that day. Fast forward one year later: The same couloir, not as much snow during Winter, with some 10-15 cm snowfall last day - just as one could expect - sharky parts, lots of stones but still fun and doable (when is it not doable actually?). Maybe this could become a tradition!

The shred itself was still nice, but not as easy as back in 2013. Once again I did it alone as I could not find somebody nuts enough to join me. Luckily this time I had Eliška Šírová up on top station checking me and taking some pictures of me while riding (check them out below!). Many thanks to her and her extreme patience waiting for me!

As for the video edit, I couldn't find a proper sountrack at first, but then it hit me. Please note that I do not listen to Metal normally :D, but I think it fits in this case (hence the name Garden of Stones). Watch Garden of Stones (YouTube)!